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Our main goal at the Advances in Brain and Child Development Research Laboratory is to improve the lives and well-being of children with neurodevelopment disorders. We perform clinical and neuroscientific investigations that will help us to better understand the underlying mechanisms of function and dysfunction in individuals with brain-based disorders from birth to early adulthood.
Also of importance to us is the search for biomarkers of dysfunction as well as for effective intervention strategies that will enhance brain recovery, support children’s healthy development, and inform service delivery. Our approach is interdisciplinary and often combines quantitative brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques with clinically relevant standardized evaluations to promote early detection of non-optimal brain and/or functional development. 

We are currently conducting several research studies in collaboration with families, clinicians and other scientists. 


The core team is composed of researchers, staff, as well as graduate and undergraduate students in neuroscience and medical sciences. 

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